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How we started & Contact information

About Us

Richard Price


Richard serves as the Director of Brisbane Record Bar. He assembled a tight knit group encompassing sales, digital marketing, business development, social media with the goal in mind to make a dedicated venue to provide live entertainment, bar and vinyl sales.

Spencer Murray

General Manager

Spencer serves as the General Manager of Brisbane Record Bar. Spencer was recruited providing business development, website development, financial services.

Allegra Maria

Venue and Social Media Developer

Allegra is our dedicated Venue and social media developer. Allegra interest span live events, artist engagement and social media development.

Ryan Emmanuel

Head of Distillation Research

Ryan serves as our head of Research and development regarding alcohol distillation/brewing. Ryan has been distilling for several years and using his engineering background aims to provide unique complex flavours.

Will Sawyer

Hospitality Venue Developer

Will comes from hospitality and bar background. With a keen interests in the brewing and distillation, customer engagement and events.

Founders’ Story

The idea for Brisbane Record Bar started with Richard Price, an avid collector of vinyl records. Richard has studied and worked in biological science, English literature, and small businesses. His vision is to create an arts and culture hub based in Brisbane that acts as a vinyl retailer, a performance space, and a food and beverage outlet all in one.

To assist him with founding and early running of the business, Richard recruited Spencer Murray in May 2021, introduced through a mutual friend. Spencer studied business management, media and communication, and runs The Note Network, an event management business in Brisbane’s live music and comedy scene. His portfolio of experience includes web development, graphic design, financial management and telephone sales. He has also provided consulting to other local creative businesses regarding their marketing strategy and commercial viability.

Brisbane Record Bar Pty Ltd was founded in July 2021. Procurement of stock, funding and necessary services was done in the following months. Eventually, this website and the online store was launched in October.

In December 2021, we ran our first market stalls and were amazed at not just the sales, but also how many people were interested in vinyl records in this day and age, especially at West End. Browse our catalogue to discover both old classics and fresh modern vinyls at competitive prices in the Brisbane market. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Our next movements in 2022-23 will be to establish a permanent location as a record store and music venue hybrid. We are currently hunting for commercial properties where we can make our home. If you can find us a good deal, we would love to hear from you! See our contact information below.

Over the next 10 years, we hope to have in-house distillation of spirits, travel across the country with our market stall, and establish a second venue.