Welcome to Brisbane Record Bar!

We are Brisbane’s newest source for Vinyl in Southeast Queensland and Beyond. Our objective is to provide you a customer experience for music and culture with the old charm that only Vinyl can provide.

Browse our catalogue to find new releases and pre-loved classics. If it is not in the collection, request it and we will get back to you to find those special sounds you are craving.

Market stall

Coming this December we will set up shop at a weekend market site somewhere in Brisbane. Pick up your records in person and enjoy the browsing experience. Our stall will also feature live music, record care demonstrations and a record raffle.

An artist impression of what the Brisbane Record Bar market stall will look like

Our market stall will be providing a ‘new spin’ on the record shopping experience with the integration of QR codes. If scanned, you can view further information about each album, and even make the purchase straight off your phone.

We also have a traditional barcode system to retain the old vinyl store experience. Simply pick what you like and bring it to the front counter. We are happy to have a chat, nod and say ‘cool pick’.

Keep updated with our socials for future announcements and dates.

UPDATE: Our stall has been booked and we will be selling vinyl records at weekend markets at West End and Brisbane CBD.

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How we started

Established in 2021, our thoughts have been, “How can we do things different? What do people want from their music?” Music isn’t just your expression of taste but something to celebrated and shared. We love muso’s contribution to our lives and artists need to eat so why not support them with Vinyl?


Read the founders story to learn a bit more of our origins.


Why are we called Brisbane Record BAR?

In 2022, we will be aiming to launch a bar and music venue integrated with our physical vinyl record store. Nothing beats the sounds of live music.

Whether your tastes are indie, rock, hip-hop or acoustic; Brisbane Record Bar will have it all!

We aim to be the destination location for performances, record signing, recordings and live streaming. We are excited to make new announcements as we develop and invite you to join us.

Listen out on our social media channels for when we open the bar and come on by for a drink!