It’s hard to think that it has been a whole year since the idea for Brisbane Record Bar was just a chrysalis. Since then, the team has expanded. Multiple market days and promotions have occurred. Taking the steps into a full-fledged venue, we would like to introduce you to the BRB Team:

Richard Price

Richard serves as the Director of Brisbane Record Bar. He assembled a tight knit group encompassing sales, digital marketing, business development, social media with the goal in mind to make a dedicated venue to provide live entertainment, bar and vinyl sales.

Spencer Murray

Spencer serves as the General Manager of Brisbane Record Bar. Spencer was recruited providing business development, website development, financial services.

Allegra Maria

Allegra is our dedicated Venue and social media developer. Allegra interest span live events, artist engagement and social media development

Ryan Emmanuel

Ryan serves as our head of Research and development regarding alcohol distillation/brewing. Ryan has been distilling for several years and using his engineering background aims to provide unique complex flavours.

Will Sawyer

Will comes from hospitality and bar background. With a keen interests in the brewing and distillation, customer engagement and events.

We all look forward to making Brisbane Record Bar a cultural institution like nowhere else

Keep that wax spinning!

BRB Team